A Few of My Favorite Baby Items

I thought I would take a moment to point out a few of my favorite (non-clothing) items in the store! These are some great go-to things I either currently use, have used, or wish I would have known about! All of the item, but the last on, are available online, too!

1. Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover

Is there ANYTHING worse than getting a baby in and out of the car in the cold? NO. This cover makes it a little more bearable. 

2. Portable Changing Station

Leave one in the car. Leave one in the stroller. Leave one on a different level of your home. Leave one at your in-laws. Leave one EVERYWHERE.

3. Backseat Mirror

Still using this -- love to see my little man's face while driving! We sing, we chat, and that smile on his face is something I love to see all of the time :)

4. Finn + Emma Play MatPlay Gym

The quality of the mat is just outstanding. You can use the mat all around the house, outside, etc. The gym keeps the little one's attention while you re-heat your coffee for the third time that day (right, moms?). I had one on both floors in my house, so that I don't have to move it around!

5. 4Moms Infant Tub

My son had a dairy allergy & was colic! He was colic for MONTHS. Needless to say -- this bath became worth its weight in gold for me. He didn't slip and slide around in it, and the temperature control helped this 1st time mom decide on a good temperature.

(Note: Not available online, but stop in or give us a call!)


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